How to Choose Allergy Free Bedding

With the spring season comes the start of warmer weather and the return of outdoor activities.

But for many who suffer from seasonal allergies, the springtime can bring them on along with symptoms like sneezing, coughing and watery eyes.

While it can be hard to avoid things that aggravate those allergies, one area where some can control allergens is within their private bedding space.

There are various ways someone’s bedding can be prone to allergens, including poorly cleaned new bedding or bedding that has accumulated dust, dirt and allergens and has not been or isn’t properly cleaned.

How Can Allergens Be Avoided?

Choose hypoallergenic bedding products to protect from allergens in any sleep space. This will help control pollen and dander allergies, along with other micro-particle allergens.

Not only will products made with hypoallergenic material protect you from these allergens, but products made from specially woven barrier fabrics with higher thread counts provide an added barrier of protection against dust mites. Dust mites are a significant cause of allergic reactions and are found in many bedding products.

Pillow, blanket and comforter products crafted from the finest quality fabric like what’s used in Blue Ridge’s BarrierXT™ cotton fabrics, FreshLoft Clean™ Down and Feathers, and all down alternative fibers, provide an allergy free bedding environment. In fact, these products come with an allergy free warranty.

Blue Ridge is the industry expert for hypoallergenic and sanitized bedding products, and has one of the largest eco-friendly down and feather manufacturing facilities in the world.