Facts you Never Knew About Your Bedding

Most people don’t realize how much time we spend in bed. It’s fact that we spend 1/3 of our lives in our beds. Here are some interesting things that typically we don’t think about when it comes to our bedding.

Many people don’t understand how important it is to wash your pillows. It’s recommended to wash them at the beginning of each season. If you want to enhance the fluff, try throwing in a tennis ball while drying them.

Thread count matters! There are plenty types of cotton, but it’s the length of the fiber within it that affects quality. Look for long strand cotton instead of a high thread count.

It is beneficial to change your sheets with the different seasons. For instance, percale is crisp and cool and more ideal for warmer seasons. Jersey is soft and is comparable to a t-shirt. Sateen is soft and is a bit warmer than percale. Flannel is often called fuzzy and thick which Is perfect for the winter.

It is best to stay away from sheets that labeled “easy care.” This typically means the fabric has been treated with a toxic chemical called formaldehyde resin. Most people don’t know that this chemical never washes out. Blue Ridge Home Fashions’ products are chemical free!

When it comes to “organic cotton,” don’t be fooled just because they are organic does not mean that they do not also contain toxic chemicals.

When washing your bedding use cool water and a delicate cycle. Hot temperatures will break down fibers causing you to have to buy new sheets more often.

An easy way to avoid having wrinkly bedding without having to use an iron is to take it out of the dryer while they are a slightly damp but still warm and put them directly on your bed.

It is important to make your bed in the morning not only is it an easy way to do a task right after waking up, but it will keep dust to a minimal.

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