Who, or what, is Blue Ridge Home Fashions?

Blue Ridge Home Fashions, Inc. is a privately-held company, founded in 1994 with its headquarters located in Irwindale, California. As we enter our 27th year in business, Blue Ridge has established itself as one of the leading basic bedding manufacturers in the United States, specializing in down/feather and synthetic home textiles products. We consistently rank within the top tier in sales volume for the natural and synthetic basic bedding textiles classification.

What is your relationship with the Brands you carry?

We are the manufacturers of the Down and Feather & Basics Bedding category for Brands such as Martha Stewart, Serta, Scott living, Kathy Ireland, Elle Decor, Cannon among other private labels sold exclusively to our partners. To mention few, we are proudly the manufacturers of Hotel Grand ( exclusively at Costco) and Hotel Suite ( exclusively at Kohls) . 

Where else do we sell our products?

Blue Ridge Home Fashions variety of Brands and Styles offers excellent programs that you can find at Costco, Kohls, BBB, Home Depot, Amazon, Belk, Wayfair, Target, Walmart, QVC, Groupon among other Department Stores and eRetailers. 

Why we use down and feather on all our products?

 There are many health benefits to using down and feather: it provides natural warmth, contours to the body, helps regulate body temperature and is hypoallergenic.

Do you use down that meets the Responsible Down Standard?

Absolutely! Look for the seal. The American Down and Feather Council Seal of Approval ensures that a product is manufactured by an ADFC member in good standing. ADFC members adhere to standards of quality that meet or exceed all claims made on the label or packaging

What are you sustainability initiatives?

Blue Ridge Home Fashions is committed to ethical practices when sourcing down and feather. According to global agricultural industry statistics, it is estimated that about 186 million kilograms of down and feather are traded each year as a byproduct of the food industry. As a worldwide recycled waste product, down and feather maintains a low carbon footprint by cleaning, sanitizing and repurposing the fill material.

What are the health advantages of using down and feather?

One of the reasons that down and feather is a healthy choice for allergy sufferers is because it is sterilized and super cleaned before its manufacture into a pillow or comforter. Furthermore, according to the American Down and Feather Council (ADFC), hypoallergenic down and feather bedding naturally possesses qualities that inhibit the production of irritating dust mites: • It breathes which allows moisture to be wicked away and to evaporate. Because it does not trap perspiration, it does not create the moist environment that dust mites need in order to survive. • Down and feather pillows and comforters have superior construction–high thread count and tight seams–in order to prevent down and feathers from escaping. This quality construction creates a barrier to dust mites.

What is the Industry Statistics & Practices?

Down and feathers used in bedding, apparel and outdoor gear are a byproduct of the enormous, and highly-regulated, global poultry industry. Under the American Down and Feather Council’s (ADFC) labeling program, all sampling, classification and testing of the filling material must be done in accordance with International Down and Feather Bureau (IDFB) testing standards and be performed by an IDFB certified testing laboratory .

What are your shipping rates?

Blue Ridge Home Fashions offers free shipping on all ground orders throughout the United States. 

Customers can expedite the shipping on any order to 2-day shipping at their expense. Second day air rates depend on the items ordered and the shipping address. 

Odor on Down and Feather Bedding products?

Down and feathers are processed to the highest cleanliness standards. As Down and feather bedding products can have a natural smell, please allow few days for the product to air out and regain its original fluffy loft and appearance. We also suggest to keep your down comforter dry and away from moist surfaces and atmospheres. This will keep the down from clumping and will make it last as long as possible 

Confused about the fill material of your products?

Blue Ridge Home Fashions is ADFC approved which it is the seal of quality and trust. Regarding the content of our products, to be labeled as as a down product, the content must be labeled and must contain a minimum of 75% down cluster. In products that contain both, down and feather content percentages we call them a blend and the % of each fill type is listed in the packaging and Law label tag. (i.e. 50% down/ 50% feathers). Down lies beneath this protective covering – usually on the belly of a bird – and is light and fluffy. It provides the insulation birds need to keep warm. Rather than quills, a down cluster has a round center called a plumule. Soft and airy, it features thousands of tiny fibers that radiate from its core. Down Fiber and Feather Fiber are also light and fluffy, and do not contain any quills which make the perfect combination of value vs comfort.

What The Law Label Tells You?

The Law Label is a disclosure label required by law and must be attached to all down bedding, ie; down comforter, down pillows and featherbeds. It can only be removed by you, the consumer. The label must tell you, in language defined by law, the type of filling, and in the case of down bedding, the exact minimum percentage of down and/or feather used. This is the best way to determine the contents of the product you intend to buy. Don't depend on advertising and packaging. The United States law label for down comforters, pillows & featherbeds should also have a statement regarding the content of the fabric, such as "100% Cotton".

What is the difference between a Duvet Cover and a duvet?

A duvet is a comforter, they are one and the same - no difference. However, to be a little more precise, a duvet is a comforter that is filled with down. A down filled comforter is light and warm and keeps you cozy. A duvet cover is a bed linen that covers and protects the duvet (or comforter) from soiling and stains. The comforter goes inside the duvet cover, just like a pillow would go inside a pillow case. Duvet covers, like all bed linens, are available in a wide range of color and design choices.

Why my order is taking so long?

Blue Ridge Home Fashions ships web store orders Monday - Friday on orders received before 1 p.m. PST. Orders received after 1 p.m. PST will be shipped the next business day. 

Sometimes you can experience your tracking number saying waiting for shipment. Please allow 1-2 business day for this to move to the next stage. If after 2 business days your tracking has not moved. Send us an email at customerservice@blueridgehome.com

What is your return and exchange policy?

Blueridgehome.com will only accept returns within 30 days from the date of your invoice. A return label will be provided if there is an exchange for different size, color, or style. Otherwise, please initiate a return by sending us an email to customerservice@blueridgehome.com  

How should I take care of my Down product?

It is not recommended that you wash your Down & Feather filled products as this could cause the fill to leak. It is OK to dry clean if necessary and spot cleaning is recommended.

How do you reduce the smell of a Down product?

If you need to freshen up your Down Pillow or Comforter, simply put it in the dryer on no heat with three wool dryer balls or three clean tennis balls. This fluffs up the duvet or comforter and redistributes the filling for a freshened up bed. You can also use dryer sheets to help eliminate the odor, or fabric refresher. 

What Is the Responsible Down Standard and Why Should I Care??

The Responsible Down Standard safeguards the welfare of geese and ducks that provide down and feathers for the products we all love. The Responsible Down Standard aims to ensure that down and feathers come from animals that have not been subjected to an unnecessary harm. It is our hope that the standard can be used to reward and influence the down and feather industry to incentivize practices that respect the humane treatment of ducks and geese